UpTogether (formerly Family Independence Initiative) leverages the power of information to support economic and social mobility for families nationwide. Rather than impose solutions or fixes on behalf of others, UpTogether proves that documenting and investing in the initiative and ingenuity of low-income families and communities is the most effective way forward. Fifty percent of families who join UpTogether while living below the federal poverty line now earn incomes above that line. 

UpTogether took root in Boston in 2010 and quickly established itself as the organization’s largest and most innovative site nationally. UpTogether Boston connects families to one another, providing them with the opportunity to support each other, hold each other accountable and share resources, ideas and advice. In a short period, UpTogether has become a key player among its community-based peers, leveraging relationships and resources to bring new programs and approaches to the communities it serves. They have piloted new services for health care coverage and social change initiatives and have led the way in the use of data to improve operations and enhance their work.

2021-2022 Metrics

Before FII, I felt like time was passing me by. My goals were just something I rarely spoke of. I only thought of them as a distant dream to be accomplished when I got my stuff together. FII served as the catalyst, and I finally got my stuff together.

- Tome Andrade, FII Boston Participant

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