EMS Corps

Launched 2023


EMS Corps is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training program with a five-month paid stipend that provides youth development, mentorship, and job training. The program operates outside the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and holds highly intensive training and medical expertise. EMS Corps is designed to employ young people from their community who are ready to serve their community. This organization is more than workforce development; it is also a healthcare shortage initiative, a racial justice initiative, a violence prevention strategy and a Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Career Transition Project.

Through engagement with hundreds of people in the community, youth workforce development, upskilling and year-round youth employment opportunities surfaced as priority unmet needs, particularly with higher-than-average unemployment and lower-than-average household income. In Newark, 7,000 young individuals ages 16-24 are disconnected from educational or employment opportunities, a sign that their aspirations of securing well-paying jobs, engaging in civic activities and contributing to their communities may seem unattainable. To address these needs, GreenLight Greater Newark selected EMS Corps as their first portfolio organization.

Established in 2012 in Alameda County, EMS Corps is a youth-opportunity career pathway program dedicated to advancing the healthcare sector. Operating in New Mexico and New Orleans, along with their 10-site expansion in California, EMS Corps is a proven program that has graduated hundreds of young adults and helped them advance in their respective careers.

In battling systemic barriers, EMS Corps finds a way to meet the needs of historically underserved communities. Historically, the 911 operating system would neglect communities of color. By denying people necessary emergency responses, devastating losses occurred that led to fear and prolonged barriers as people were invalidated of their healthcare needs.

EMS Corps recruits people who sincerely serve their communities; being heroes and community leaders helps strengthen connections of trust. EMS Corps has employed program participants and saved the lives of the recipients who need them the most. Participants in this program receive wrap-around services that include case management and employment support. EMS Corps and their service have supported young adults by equipping them with training that launches them in their careers, increasing visibility and inclusivity in the healthcare sector.

  • Founder and Director
    Michael Gibson
  • National Headquarters
    Oakland, CA
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EMS Corps Local Goals


EMT licensing passage rate


graduation rate


job placement within 6 months

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