About Us

Founded in Boston in 2004, our national network of sites partner with local communities to tackle the barriers that prevent individuals and families from achieving inclusive prosperity. We select and scale proven programs to directly address those barriers identified by each community.

Addressing persistent challenges by scaling what works

We use a community-driven approach to tackle economic and racial inequities, remove barriers, create new opportunities and improve economic mobility outcomes. Here’s how we do it:

  • Identify local needs: We listen to the community and prioritize needs where an innovative solution could make a significant difference.
  • Match success stories: We find organizations with a track record of success addressing the need and the best chance of making a positive impact locally.
  • Invest and mobilize local support: We provide multiyear startup capital and rally local support to ensure the organizations become embedded in the community, complementing existing initiatives.
  • Engagement and accountability: We remain deeply engaged with the programs we support and work together to ensure ongoing measurable social impact and long-term sustainability.

More about GreenLight Fund, our values, our team and our history

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In everything we do, we are guided by our six core values.

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Centering Racial Equity

We are committed to intentionally and explicitly centering racial equity internally and in our program work within our communities.

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Meet our dedicated team of national and site staff passionate about community-driven change.



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Our Board

Board of Directors

Meet our board of committed leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

National Investors

Our national partners bolster our expansion to new locations and help support our growing network.

Our Founding Story

Our Founding Story

We were founded in Boston in 2004 and have grown in size and impact, becoming a national network.


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We rely on a community of champions and supporters who believe in the power and potential of community-driven change.