Motor City and GreenLight partner with multi-sector support

The Motor City is the birthplace of not only the auto industry, but the country’s middle class. A century later, Detroit’s power is built on community action, inclusive entrepreneurship, cross-sector collaboration, and civic engagement.

But at the intersection of poverty, race, and inequity, Detroit is challenged more acutely by the systemic issues that inflict our nation. Quality education, housing, healthcare, and employment are desired while reliable transportation is hard to find. And half our children must confront the effects of poverty.

We draw inspiration from those uplifting others while facing harsh odds. This is why we’re uniting advocates from across neighborhoods and sectors to drive effective change locally.

Our Portfolio

We search nationally to bring highly effective programs that complement the existing local ecosystem to fight poverty. Organizations in our portfolio include unique models that are desired locally and tailored to meet residents’ needs – with innovation, measurable results and scale.

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