Genesys Works

Genesys Works partners with public schools and major corporations to change the life trajectories for low-income teens. Together, they provide training and substantive yearlong corporate internships, arming students with marketable skills and experience. Genesys Works catches these young people before they fall off the rails, putting them squarely on a college and career track and a path out of poverty.

California’s Bay Area has a reputation for innovation and opportunity – but too often these opportunities don’t go to young people growing up in underserved communities. Fewer than 50% of the Bay Area’s youth graduate from high school; of those who do graduate only 15% go on to complete college.  

Through Gensys Works’ intensive and proven program, low-income Bay Area students are able to build their capabilities and confidence as they work part-time in IT departments of many leading companies like Accenture, Pete’s Coffee and They are given not just the technical skills they need to perform a job, like computer deployment and software set up, but professional skills as well. The students are transformed – personally and professionally – into young professionals who realize that they too can fully participate in the region’s dynamic economy.

2021-2022 Metrics

“Having the support of people who are genuinely invested in me has taught me how to not only handle tough situations, but prosper through them.”

- Bryanna, Genesys Works Participant

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