Friends of the Children

Friends of the Children creates generational change by engaging the highest risk children with 12 consecutive years of transformative mentoring relationships and advocacy.

Friends of the Children calls their young people “Achievers”, a reflection of their belief in every child’s inherent capacity to succeed. But they don’t just work with these young people. They invest in them, striving year after year, to give them – and by extension, their families – the resources and support they need to overcome obstacles and to reach their full potential.

Each participant in Friends of the Children gets a dedicated, one-on-one friend who spends a minimum of 16 intentional hours per month with them. The friend develops a road map for each child and designs activities to build life skills. They create meaningful experiences to explore each child’s unique talents and interests. Friends also spend time in each child’s home, school, neighborhood and community, providing continuity in often unstable environments. 

“First grade to graduation no matter what” is the Friends of the Children tagline. They keep their promises, too: 12 years means 12 years of deep and abiding commitment that creates a powerful ripple effect for Achievers’ siblings, parents and often, their school peers. Friends of the Children’s ultimate goal: that Achievers graduate from high school and go on to succeed in college.

2021-2022 Metrics

What I like most about coming to friends is being able to have a place of freedom and just having a space I can feel comfortable and welcomed. When I tell my friends about Friends of the Children, they are amazed and wish they were in the same program as me.

- Friends of the Children Achiever

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