CareMessage is an intelligent cloud-based software that transforms communication for patients by providing personalized, interactive messages designed to educate, remind and motivate. Community-based healthcare providers use CareMessage programs to guide their patients through the difficult process of managing chronic health conditions. CareMessage’s disease management programs provide patients with individualized educational information tailored to their current health needs and empower patients to take control of their own healthcare. In the United States, the chronic conditions targeted by CareMessage programs, such as diabetes and hypertension among others, account for 70 percent of deaths and 75 percent of all healthcare costs. Patients with these conditions served by CareMessage face an 80 percent greater risk of premature mortality and use twice the amount of emergency services than the general population resulting in $238 billion in annualized preventable costs. At the same time, text message use is two to four times higher among lower-income and less educated populations and has a 99 percent open rate – a trend leveraged by CareMessage’s technology.

CareMessage helps community-based healthcare providers achieve goals for specific patient populations. In one example, 94 percent of sedentary patients increased their physical activity and, in another, 94 percent of diabetic and hypertensive patients reported that CareMessage helped them better manage their health. CareMessage also partners with providers to conduct research on clinical outcomes for these patient populations. Providers using CareMessage are increasing efficiency by reducing no-show rates for primary care appointments, increasing preventive screenings and filling gaps in care. They have reported significant reductions in no-show rates, ranging from 27 to 41 percent relative to baseline.


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