Blueprint Math Fellows

Blueprint Math Fellows partners with schools to offer high-quality tutorial instruction. Using daily student assessments to inform their work, fellows can purposefully target gaps in a student’s foundational knowledge and understanding of mathematics in order to ensure all students are able to achieve at and above grade level. Tutorial lessons are planned to ensure that each minute of tutorial time is utilized productively, maintaining a culture of high expectations for all students. All lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and provide students with individualized opportunities to build the critical reasoning and communications skills necessary for post-secondary success.

Blueprint Math Fellows is partnering with Oakland Unified School District to work in seven Oakland middle schools. Blueprint served 539 students during the 2017-2018 school year, doubling in growth from the previous school year. GreenLight will help Blueprint to continue growth in Oakland and within the Bay, serving over 1500 students annually, while achieving the highest fidelity to their model and creating sustainable impact for students.

2017-2018 Metrics

Being a Fellow proves powerful in the sense that we see the growth the kids achieve, but equally important is that we have the opportunity to grow as well.”

- Blueprint Math Fellow

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