Alternatives To Violence

Alternatives to Violence is a program implemented in Charlotte based on training provided by Cure Violence Global, an evidence-based violence reduction model with proven efficacy through scientific evaluations that demonstrate a 40-70% reduction in shootings and killings for national and international communities employing the model. Employing the Cure Violence Global model has also seen drops in shootings and killings up to 90% and a complete stop in retaliation and killings.

Alternatives to Violence is housed by Charlotte’s implementing partner, Youth Advocates Program.  The program seeks to reduce violence locally, beginning in the x neighborhood, by the same three components used in the public health approach to reverse a health epidemic: 1) interrupting transmission of the disease, 2) reducing the risk of the highest at risk, 3) changing community norms.

Through their trained violence interrupters and outreach workers, they are able to detect and interrupt potentially violent conflicts through mediation. In addition, the violence interrupters and outreach workers identify, assess, and treat the highest at risk to committing violent crimes by establishing contacts and relationships. The model’s ultimate goal is to change community norms around violence.

Alternatives to Violence launched in Charlotte-Mecklenburg as a response to an uptick in violent acts and homicides over the past few years. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department reported 107 homicides in 2019 and 122 homicides in 2020, making it the deadliest year since 1993. The program aims to reduce violence by 70% over the next four years.

This program is implemented in partnership with the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Cure Violence Global, and Youth Advocates Program and is a part of broader community safety initiatives working together to reduce violence across the Charlotte Community.

“The city is working closely with the community to develop this bold new program to stop violence before it happens, I am grateful to Wells Fargo and the GreenLight Fund for their contributions to help make some of our most challenged neighborhoods safer.”
-Mayor Vi Lyles


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