New Teacher Center

When we focus on teachers, everyone succeeds.

For the New Teacher Center (NTC), that’s more than just a catchy tagline. It’s the conclusion of leading research that shows teacher effectiveness as the most important school-based determinant of a student’s success. It’s also what lies at the heart of NTC’s work.

Too often the schools that need the best teachers are staffed with a disproportionate number of beginning teachers. They may be educated and enthusiastic, but they lack the experience to be truly effective. Many of them will not even survive the trial-by-fire of their first year.

NTC works with districts, policymakers and educators across the country to support new teachers. From induction and instructional programs aligned with district learning goals, to one-on-one mentoring and professional development, NTC programs meet teachers in the same places they practice their trade: in schools and in their classrooms.

Since NTC came to Boston in 2012, their model has supported almost 650 new teachers. By the end of their first year teaching in Boston Public Schools, 86% of these teachers said that NTC-trained Mentors had improved their teaching abilities.

Looking forward, NTC hopes to deploy its Early Learning division in support of Boston’s universal preschool initiative and the rising demand for high quality instruction from early learning professionals. After all, learning starts early. NTC believes that for students to thrive, excellent teaching should too.

“The checking in and constant support is essential as a first year teacher. By helping me plan, observing my teaching, and giving my specific feedback, my mentor was a crucial part of the first year. Teaching is extremely overwhelming at the beginning and my students benefitted from the support of my mentor.

- New Teacher in the Boston Public Schools

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