Inner Explorer

Inner Explorer’s mission is to make the daily practice of mindfulness approachable and accessible for all school communities. They work to equip educators, students, and their families with valuable social emotional skills that foster human potential serving to inoculate them against stress and poverty.


  • A daily mindfulness practice program that includes a series of 5–10-minute daily audio-guided exercises with four age-appropriate levels from preschool through high school.
  • The daily practices teach breathing and relaxation, understanding emotions, gratitude, focus, empathy, self-control, and self-regulation.
  • Teachers and students practice mindfulness together, so the student becomes “ready to learn” and the teacher becomes “ready to teach.”
  • The Inner ExplorerHome app is downloadable onto any smart device and can be made available to entire school communities, including families and students, during out-of-school time.

GreenLight’s investment in Inner Explorer comes during a critical time as the need to access preventative mental health resources for all children, especially those in under-resourced communities has skyrocketed.

In metro Atlanta, young people’s social, emotional, and mental well-being continues to be adversely impacted, leaving them stressed, anxious, and struggling to cope, especially our children in communities of color who must also contend with social stigma and lack of access to affordable, culturally responsive care.

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