EveryoneOn is a nonprofit dedicated to creating social and economic opportunity by connecting low-income families to affordable internet service and computers, and delivering digital skills trainings.

EveryoneOn reduces digital inequities by facilitating access to subsidized broadband internet access, low-cost internet access devices, and delivering digital literacy trainings to low-wealth children, youth, and adults. Since 2012, the organization has connected 784,000 people to the internet, distributed over 4,100 computers, and delivered over 30 digital literacy/skills training programs.

Access to technology is essential to educational success for children and youth, as well as overall workforce and community development. Over 95,000 San Jose residents lack internet service at home and 55% of low-wealth households are unconnected or under-connected.

Through EveryoneOn’s Accessible Offer Locator Tool, families learn about affordable internet offers, device offers, and digital literacy training providers in their community. EveryoneOn designs and implements Digital Literacy Training in collaboration with local government, internet service providers, and nonprofit organizations for diverse audiences, including middle school students, senior citizens, and low-income adults. Training sessions vary between day-long workshops to six-weeks of face-to-face (virtual during COVID) digital literacy trainings. Participants receive, on average, 12-18 hours of training with instruction, with access to offline resources. EveryoneOn also delivers a Capacity Building train-the-trainer model to help build the capacity of local organizations to design, implement, and replicate digital inclusion strategies, including internet adoption, distributing computers, and digital literacy trainings, working closely with nonprofit organizations to disseminate promising practices.

In partnership with communities and organizations in San Jose and across the Bay Area, EveryoneOn will connect families to reliable broadband, support device procurement, and deliver digital skills trainings. Their year-one scale includes connecting 1,350 families to the internet, directly providing digital literacy training to 250 people, training 15 organizations to provide training.

2021-2022 Metrics

“Before when we didn’t have internet, we weren’t aware of the many things we could look for [online], and we didn’t know how much we were missing. But now that we have it, we can look up an infinite amount of things. This is the first time we’ve had internet in our home.”

- Guadalupe Vargas, Customer, EveryoneOn

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