Empowering career pathways in Boston’s tech industry: Per Scholas

Jul 25, 2023

Per Scholas helps residents overcome barriers and find stable, well-paying careers in the tech industry, as seen through the success stories of graduates like Sara, Jarred, Olumuyiwa, and Jonathan.

Boston is known for being a place of innovation, a tech hub with a thriving tech economy and ample jobs. Yet, many Boston residents don’t see a pathway into these careers. 

“Many Per Scholas learners have similar dreams to enter technology career pathways that provide stability, work-life balance, and opportunities for growth and increased pay,” reflected Per Scholas Greater Boston’s Managing Director, H. Kay Howard, “but they also often face additional systemic barriers standing in the way of achieving those dreams.” Per Scholas’ tuition-free programs help to break these barriers and unlock the potential of each student.

Per Scholas has been offering numerous tech courses (and expanding its offerings) in Boston since 2019. Here are a few reflections from recent graduates on what a Per Scholas education has helped them achieve.

Sara Peña never saw herself pursuing a career in tech. It wasn’t until she lost her job during the pandemic and was in a financial crisis that she considered it. She began exploring programs to gain tech skills needed for today’s job market and came across Per Scholas. Now, she is working as a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton.

She spoke with Profile about her interest in software development, her successes during her first year as a software engineer, and where she wants to be in five years. Read her story in Profile Magazine.

Jarred Gaines enrolled in one of Per Scholas’ initial classes in Boston. Working as a personal trainer when the pandemic hit, he was struggling to make ends meet. For him, the AWS/reStart course allowed him to regain, “confidence and enter a field where I can make a competitive income to sustain myself in Boston.”

Listen to his reflections on his career journey here.

Jonathan Okuk was one of Per Scholas Boston’s first graduates in 2019 and today works as a Technology Support Analyst at Deloitte in Boston. In 2021, Jonathan joined the Family Partners Council, where he leverages his experience as a Per Scholas alum and father to advise GreenLight throughout each selection process, so with additional portfolio organizations, more Boston families can experience transformational interventions like those he experienced at Per Scholas. 

“I feel this is a great opportunity for me to give back to the community and make a meaningful impact in my own little way.”

Read more about Joanathan’s story here.

Olumuyiwa Kolayemi immigrated to the US from Nigeria. He knew that he needed a stable career that would allow him to support his family here in the US and back home. The training he received through Per Scholas has enabled him to progress quickly in his career as a platform engineer.

Listen to Olumuyiwa talk about his career journey and reflect on the impact that Per Scholas and AWS have had on his life here.