Support through a difficult time: Friends of the Children-Boston

Jul 31, 2023

Friends of the Children-Boston continued to provide invaluable support for Phillip and his family after the tragic loss of his older brother.

Phillip, an elementary school Achiever, loves jokes and building with Legos, and he particularly enjoys those activities with his professional mentor and other children in the Friends of the Children-Boston program. His mentor is also a big help with difficult homework assignments.

Phillip and his family have had a difficult year, however. Philip’s much older brother passed away from violence in the presence of his family. Phillip idolized his older brother and they were often seen together in the community. Phillip’s professional mentor knew how much this was impacting Phillip and has been providing extra support to him and his family. Friends-Boston has also helped with connections to resources.

The financial costs associated with a death were a significant burden to the family, already struggling with basic costs. That added to their stress. Friends-Boston helped the family find resources to assist with some of the funeral arrangements. His mentor and others from the organization, attended the funeral to support both Phillip and the whole family.

Following the tragedy, Friends-Boston connected the family to counseling through a community partner for not only Phillip, but his family as well, and obtained clothes and food for the household. His mentor also rearranged his schedule to see Phillip more, and knowing how much Phillip enjoys outings with other Achievers his age, they have been leaning into more time with his peers. His mentor has worked with the family to structure and follow-through on weekly game nights to support inter-family relationships. Friends-Boston was able to access new, donated games as well as donated books and toys for both Phillip and his siblings.

It remains a difficult time for the family. His mentor will continue to be there for Phillip and will look for ways to stabilize and support the family, so they can build a better future.