GreenLight Fund Impact Report Details Results and Reach

Jan 20, 2023


Over the last year, GreenLight portfolio organizations have reached more than half a million individuals and families in our 11 communities. GreenLight’s annual Impact Report details this reach as well as shares the impact happening in our communities.

The 44 portfolio organizations highlighted in this report were identified as proven programs with significant, measurable results and the best local fit to meet unmet needs prioritized by community residents. The report amplifies the deepened impact and measurable progress of these organizations in our communities across the network not only through metrics but also through the inspiring stories of program participants utilizing these programs for positive change.

We are proud of the tremendous growth nationally as we continue to expand the number of sites and deepen impact in our communities.

Our impact increases exponentially each year. In 2004, GreenLight Fund was founded in Boston and then expanded to Philadelphia and the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012-2013. We continue to scale the GreenLight model and are now operating in 11 sites, growing our reach and impact. In 2021-2022, GreenLight portfolio organizations reached 565,744 individuals and families addressing the needs of local residents and removing long-standing barriers to inclusive prosperity.

Since publishing the Impact Report, we have welcomed two additional organizations to our growing portfolio now reaching 46. Stay tuned for the official announcements!

GreenLight’s model is additive to the community-centered work underway in our cities and portfolio organizations we bring to communities hire locally. To date, 355 local community members are employed full-time by portfolio organizations across the network.

Stories of Impact: Read more in the Impact Report

Setting up for Success in Cincinnati: Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO)
“CEO has helped me become a better person. I like how the staff communicates with me, it makes me want to succeed. I have never held a real job before working at CEO. The CEO staff helped me want to work and be on time. Now I am in a place where I can get a full-time job and be ready for that job. I really don’t want to leave CEO, because of how the staff treats everyone. CEO is a safe space.” -Terence White, CEO participant

Overcoming Obstacles in the Bay Area: uAspire
“I was very stressed about paying for college. I’m the first person in my family to go to college and it was very difficult to navigate things like the FAFSA. I was frantically searching for scholarships and uAspire connected me with outlets to find them. Not needing to go through it alone was the best part. Having someone to guide me and walk me through the steps because my parents weren’t able to. She helped me realize that it was okay to not know these things. It was a lot of emotional support as well. Working with my uAspire advisor has made me more prepared for the future and equipped me with the correct skills.” – Lani Lam, uAspire participant, UC Davis Sophomore

Reaching Goals in Philadelphia: Compass Working Capital
Akriah joined the program as one of the first participants, stating early on that her goals were to become a homeowner and raise her son in a stable environment. While in the program, she learned about budgeting, credit and debt, and began to increase her income through work in the School District of Philadelphia. In addition to being connected to several resources, the program enabled her to save enough money to purchase her first home in August 2021.

Strengthening Reading Proficiency in Detroit: Springboard Collaborative
“Thank you all for helping me and my son learn different reading strategies weekly. I have seen a tremendous amount of growth in his ability to sound words out!” – Tayler, Springboard Collaborative parent