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The Margaret Hall Fellowship for Social Impact

Dec 1, 2023



Launched in honor of Margaret Hall, GreenLight Fund’s Co-founder and founding CEO, the Margaret Hall Fellowship for Social Impact was established in December 2023. The paid fellowship offers individuals interested in social impact the opportunity to spend a summer or semester learning and contributing alongside GreenLight teams in an environment that exemplifies some of Margaret Hall’s principles and characteristics: perseverance, humility, orientation towards learning and a commitment to equity and justice.

The program provides a platform for talented and inquisitive individuals to learn about and get involved with the nonprofit sector, social innovation and philanthropy. It offers an excellent opportunity for individuals to leverage their skills, gain experience and work with a team to address barriers to inclusive prosperity in their community and/or impact those efforts across our national network.

It is our hope that this fellowship supports individuals in their professional goals and aspirations through training and hands-on work experience. As part of the Fellowship, fellows will convene to network, support each other and learn with leaders from across GreenLight’s network. They will reflect on Margaret Hall’s greenlight below and consider how their own greenlights can shape their ambition to contribute to lasting impact in communities.

Margaret Hall Fellows for Social Impact will have interest in nonprofit work and developing skills for a career to further social impact in areas that may include nonprofit management, business and nonprofit development, philanthropy, community development, economics, public policy and communication.

At GreenLight Fund, we aspire to create equitable opportunities for all, and thus, this Fellowship program is open to all candidates, with special consideration given to members of historically underrepresented communities.

For information about openings and to apply, visit Summer positions will be posted in early spring.