Unlocking opportunities in the tech field: Per Scholas

Jun 20, 2023

Per Scholas Greater Boston’s remote IT Support course prepared Christopher to find a stable career in the tech field.

Christopher enrolled in Per Scholas Greater Boston’s remote IT Support course in February 2021. He reports the course was fast-paced and gave him a broad view of several IT-related topics. Christopher also valued the professional development curriculum offered weekly, covering resume development, writing cover letters, and brushing up on interviewing skills. 

“It was pretty spot on in how they prepared us,” he said. “After Per Scholas, I got interviews because Per Scholas is well known and reputable. It has been night and day in terms of the difference between before and after Per Scholas.” 

Christopher eventually landed a position as a Helpdesk Associate at Vinfen Corp and reports feeling increased satisfaction in his new role. “I leave my job feeling fulfilled, having learned something new and knowing that I’m going to learn a lot more.” 

Christopher’s glad to be in the tech field, which he says is a very stable environment compared to his prior experiences working multiple jobs. “I’ve been going from job to job to job wanting to make a career out of it, and never felt that any [job] was somewhere I can build upon, somewhere I can climb, until now. I would never have had the opportunity without Per Scholas, so I’m truly grateful.”