Jason unlocked his potential with First Place for Youth

Jul 31, 2023

Overcoming a lack of motivation, Jason found renewed purpose in education with the help of First Place for Youth.

Jason, a senior in high school, disclosed his lack of motivation to finish school during the First Place for Youth (FPFY) admission process, sharing that school was too much, that he didn’t want to work, and preferred to stay home. 

Once he was accepted into the program, the FPFY Education and Employment Specialist worked with Jason and explained that if he had no intention of working, then school should be a priority. The school team along with his FPFY support system ensured that all barriers to Jason’s education were cleared. With support in place, Jason found the motivation to get schoolwork done. The Youth Advocate addressed Jason’s current mindset that prevented him from completing school work. Jason graduated in May 2022 and is very proud of himself. He is now working with his Specialist to find employment.