Fostering early learning: ParentChild+

Jul 30, 2023

Concerned about her son’s limited vocabulary and lack of interest in learning, Austin’s mother turned to ParentChild+ at INLIVIAN, where he worked with an Early Learning Specialist (ELS) and made significant progress.

Austin is the newest participant of the INLIVIANS ParentChild+ Program. He has only been with the program for four short months, but his impact on everyone he encounters is remarkable.

Austin comes from a single-parent home. He is the third child of four siblings. Coming from a large family, his mother often found him falling through the cracks in his learning and development. She noticed that he was not doing the same things that his siblings did at his age. Austin was barely talking; he said some simple words, but not a lot, and not often. Austin showed no interest in learning his numbers, letters, colors, or shapes. Austin’s mother grew more and more concerned.

His mother was so eager to know what was going on with her son that she decided to quit her 9-to-5 job and start a remote position to focus on Austin. Her efforts did not go unnoticed, but Austin was still not retaining the information. Then, Austin’s mother reached out to vent to her sister. Her sister told her about a wonderful program called ParentChild+ that worked with her daughter one-on-one, twice a week. Her child had learned and grown so much from the program. That same week, Austin’s mother entered the program and began working with a ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist (ELS).

Since Austin’s enrollment in the program, his ELS has noticed an increase in his vocabulary. He is pronouncing words and sentences more clearly. He has learned all of his primary colors. the entire alphabet, and can count from 1 to 11.

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