Finding her voice: Robyn’s transformation with Genesys Works Bay Area

Jul 9, 2024
San Francisco Bay Area

Genesys Works Bay Area empowers dozens of high school students, like Robyn, through paid internships and skills training every year.

At the start of summer 2022, Robyn, a student at Envision Academy in Oakland, enrolled in the 10th cohort of Genesys Works Bay Area (GWBA). One of the goals Robyn set out to accomplish was becoming more outgoing and confident with her communication skills—a year later, Robyn was selected as the keynote speaker for the 2023 GWBA Breaking Through ceremony, an event held to commemorate the Cohort 10 participants graduating from the year-long Genesys Works program. 

Robyn rehearsed her speech countless times and knocked it out of the park on the big day. During her keynote, she shared:

“Growing up, I faced family instability, constant moving, and an inability to make meaningful connections due to the constant change at home. It was hard to see past this and imagine a better future when stuck in a repeated cycle; I felt like it couldn’t change. But then, I found Genesys Works. 

Through this internship program, I made connections with volunteers and peers during networking days. I was blessed with a supervisor who always encouraged me to seek answers on my own and gave me the support I needed to do so. Her belief in me has allowed me to shed the fixed mindset I developed due to my childhood struggles. 

As a first-generation college student from a single-parent household, my mom was used to doing everything on her own. My internship at Patelco Credit Union allowed me to help her financially, take care of my younger sibling, and become a role model for him.”

Robyn is now continuing on her college and career pathway at UC Santa Cruz.