Supporting mental well-being in schools and centers: Inner Explorer

Jul 20, 2023

Evidence-based mindfulness program is broadening reach across Metro Atlanta with wide support.

schools and community-based partners in metro Atlanta in the next four years

Inner Explorer came to Metro Atlanta in 2022 with the help of GreenLight Fund Atlanta and in partnership with Clayton County Public Schools and the Atlanta Hawks Foundation. Since then, with support from GreenLight, Inner Explorer continues to build partnerships and expand the availability of their mindfulness platform designed to support mental health and well-being in schools and centers.

Royal Phillips, Regional Director, Metro Atlanta- Inner Explorer, shares her thoughts about the opportunity and expansion in Metro Atlanta. “Excitement comes in when I meet with community members and speak at community events. I get emails from district leaders saying how important our work is and that they’re excited that there’s a tool like Inner Explorer that’s available to them, and to Black and Brown kids, that helps address issues that they’ve had difficulty with, whether it be grades or disciplinary issues. Having the support of local leaders also makes a difference, one specifically that I want to highlight is the mayor’s office. He supports our work and understands the importance of it.”

Royal Phillips continues, “Honestly, it would make my dream come true if we could implement Inner Explorer and have true engagement across all schools in the metro-Atlanta area. That’s Fulton county, Clayton, APS, Dekalb. I’m working with Dekalb County right now. When I met with Sheltering Arms, they mentioned that on their agenda that they wanna embed Inner Explorer into their morning huddles. This is what makes me happy and makes me feel like we are doing what we came to do.”

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