Steve DiPietro: Giving back, with gusto

Jun 1, 2016



Steve Dipietro believes one’s work life and one’s personal life can and should be well integrated; all the dots should connect at some level. In his experience, what you are passionate about professionally and what you value in the work place should be right on par with what drives you in other aspects of your life and vice versa.

It’s an approach to day-to-day living that Steve doesn’t just talk about – he lives it. In his professional life he is a leader in Deloitte & Touche LLP.’s New England Growth Enterprise Services practice. He loves his work and it shows in the satisfaction and the success of his career path. Steve’s passion is also on full display when it comes to making an impact that matters in his community. While his day job may keep him focused on reading financial information, he has long been promoting the importance of reading of a more literary sort. His special passion: early childhood literacy. Steve’s parents read to him every day when he was a kid. He loved it and felt it paid off. He did the same with his own daughter when she was young. Now Steve is committed to bringing the same experience – and opportunities – to other children without the same resources. “It’s the best way to give kids a head start very early on in their lives,” he says.

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