Launched 2017


UpTogether (formerly Family Independence Initiative) is a nonprofit that provides families and individuals experiencing poverty with the resources, tools and support they need to achieve their goals and build long-term economic stability. The organization operates on the belief that those who are most affected by poverty should be at the forefront of driving their own solutions.

In their second investment cycle in Cincinnati, GreenLight sought to address the need for working families to achieve greater economic self-sufficiency. GreenLight launched UpTogether locally and the program has since empowered thousands of working families to obtain greater financial stability.

UpTogether takes a unique approach to poverty alleviation by providing unrestricted cash transfers directly to families and individuals. This allows people to have the agency to make decisions based on their specific needs and priorities, whether it’s investing in education, securing stable housing, starting a business, or addressing other challenges they face. In addition, UpTogether offers a range of resources and support services that include access to a supportive community network, mentorship opportunities, skill-building workshops and connections to local organizations and service providers.

  • Founder
    Maurice Miller
  • CEO
    Jesús Gerena
  • Senior Partnerhship Manager, Midwest
    Tiarra Owens
  • National Headquarters
    Oakland, CA
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All families across America should have access to the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their dreams.- Jesús Gerena

UpTogether’s Impact in Cincinnati

In 2021-22


partner families participated


individuals reached


disbursed through UpTogether Fund

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