Point Source Youth

Launched 2023


Addressing youth homelessness by putting resources coupled with support services directly in the hands of young people.

Point Source Youth works to prevent and end homelessness for young people, focusing on BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth, by equipping them with the resources and wrap-around services they need to make the best decisions they’ve determined for their own lives. Their cost-effective Direct Cash Transfer Intervention program has low administrative burdens allowing the intervention to scale easily and reach youth who aren’t accounted for by other systems.

23% of Baltimore City residents live below the federal poverty line and 40% of families with children live below 150% of the federal poverty line. These realities have an immense negative impact on the development of youth transitioning into adulthood, with persistent intergenerational poverty and increased rates of youth homelessness. GreenLight Baltimore selected Point Source Youth in order to disrupt cycles of economic emergency so that local youth have an opportunity to transition into young adulthood and participate in the mainstream economy.

Youth enrolled in the Direct Cash Transfer Intervention program in Baltimore will receive:

  • a one-time $3,000 initial cash transfer and $1,000 a month for a duration of two years, 
  • case management and peer navigation ancillary support services, and
  • opportunities to pursue academic, vocational, and other goals that will enhance their quality of life and financial stability.
  • Co-Founder & Executive Director
    Larry Cohen
  • Senior Director of Direct Cash Transfers
    Anjala Huff
  • National Headquarters
    New York, NY
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Point Source Youth Local Goals

Over the next 5 years


increased safety and wellbeing


Direct Cash Transfer participants


increased savings

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