Peer Health Exchange

Launched 2007


Creating safe and welcoming health education spaces

Studies have shown that teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and untreated mental illness are associated with poor academic achievement, high school dropout rates, and other diminished life opportunities. And yet, many Boston schools lack the resources to provide the comprehensive, relevant health education needed to address these health challenges.

Peer Health Exchange (PHE) is able to address these challenges, giving teens the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions. PHE uniquely leverages college students to teach its health curriculum, many of whom share similar backgrounds with the high school students they educate. This shared experience enhances the relevance and impact of the teachings, providing a stronger connection with the young adults they aim to help.

Since  launching in Boston in 2007, PHE has gained recognition for its effectiveness and expanded their reach to more students, schools, and platforms – adding digital content to their school-based curricula. Continuing to partner with more schools in the Greater Boston area, PHE is equipping more teens with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate health-related challenges, ultimately aiming to improve their overall wellbeing and future prospects.

  • Founder
    Louise Langheier
  • CEO
    Angela Glymph
  • Regional Director, Northeast
    Mira Nathanson
  • National Headquarters
    San Francisco, CA
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Peer Health Exchange: Real, honest and relevant information leading to healthy lives for all teens.

Peer Health Exchange’s Impact in Boston

In 2022-23


students reached


of participants reporting an increase in pregnancy prevention knowledge

The importance of authentic and honest health education

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