New Teacher Center

Launched 2012


Improving student learning through teacher support and training

When we focus on teachers, everyone succeeds. Research shows that teacher effectiveness is the most important school-based determinant of a student’s success. 

Too often, new teachers are placed in schools that have the most need yet receive little support in their first year, leading to a high attrition rate. New Teacher Center (NTC) partners with districts, policymakers, and educators to support these teachers by providing instructional programs aligned with district learning goals, one-on-one mentoring, and professional development. These programs are deployed directly in the schools and classrooms where teachers practice their craft.

When schools and districts partner with NTC, everyone thrives. Through support, observation, and instruction, teachers report receiving up to 6 times more support than before. They are also 22% more likely to stay teaching at their school – creating important continuity for school administrators and districts. Most importantly, students flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.

When teachers are well supported, students thrive.

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