Genesys Works

Launched 2013


Opening opportunities and experiences so young people can identify pathways to career success.

Genesys Works partners with public schools and major corporations to open opportunities for teenagers from under-resourced communities. They aim to provide pathways to career success for high school students through skills training, meaningful work experiences and impactful relationships. 

California’s Bay Area has a reputation for innovation and opportunity, but too often these opportunities aren’t available to all. Surveys show that BIPOC students are under-represented in paid internships and over-represented in unpaid ones, as well as under-represented in computer and engineering occupations. GreenLight invested in Genesys Works’ expansion to the Bay Area to address  this inequity. 

Through Genesys Works’ unique, proven program, students gain access to technical training, professional development and paid work experience. High school seniors who participate in the program are equipped with the necessary skills to secure and complete paid internships at leading companies like Accenture and Salesforce. 

As the inaugural GreenLight Bay Area portfolio organization, Genesys Works has served over 500 students across the Bay. In recent years, 88% of Genesys Works Young Professionals are first generation college students, 84% learned to speak a language other than English first, 92% identify as first- or second-generation immigrants and 94% of program graduates have earned a bachelor’s degree.

  • Founder
    Rafael Alvarez
  • CEO
    Jeff Artis
  • Bay Area Executive Director
    Sahaar Rezaie
  • National Headquarters
    Houston, TX
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Celebrating Genesys Works’ 10th cohort of Young Professionals with the 2023 Breaking Through ceremony

Genesys Works’ Impact in the San Francisco Bay Area


of Genesys Works alumni persisted from year 1 to year 2 in college


of program graduates earn the same or more than at least one parent


earned in paid internships in 2022

In San Francisco Bay Area

of Genesys Works alumni persisted from year 1 to year 2 in college (2021-22)

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Genesys Works Bay Area students at Salesforce

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