Food Connect

Launched 2020


Bridging the gap between food waste and hunger

Food Connect bridges the gap between food scarcity and abundance with new technologies that connect rather than compete. They leverage smart technology to pool resources and make hunger relief efficient, allowing food partners, food rescue apps and organizations, food recipients, volunteers and other transport mediums to quickly log in and connect to a larger network of food waste resources in real time. 

GreenLight recognized food insecurity as an urgent crisis in the Bay Area: 33% of Bay residents are food insecure and 46% of all residents who live in families have low- or very-low incomes. Despite this need, in California alone, around 17.2 million tons of edible food is wasted annually. GreenLight brought Food Connect to the Bay to address this critical need in an innovative way.

Food Connect delivers over 20,000 meals a month locally with 400+ deliveries a week. They have created a quickly-growing network of partners, including the San Francisco Unified School District, for whom they will be delivering 1 million pounds of food per year. 

In a world where food waste is a growing concern, Food Connect is leading the charge for change. Their innovative approach to food delivery is not only helping to feed those in need, but also creating a more sustainable future. 

Food Connect’s Impact in the San Francisco Bay Area


meals are delivered throughout the Bay Area annually


success rate through all deliveries


increase in food donations when Food Connect partners

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