Food Connect

Launched 2023


Bridging the gap in our food systems to build healthier communities

Food Connect bridges the gap between food scarcity and abundance with new technologies that connect rather than compete. They leverage smart technology to pool resources and make hunger relief efficient, allowing food partners, food rescue apps and organizations, food recipients, volunteers and other transport mediums to quickly log in and connect to a larger network of food waste resources in real time. 

Their hunger relief tech solution is now a teamwork of more than 1,300 partners across three states delivering 200,000 last mile meals monthly. In partnership with local community organizations, Food Connect will help Kansas City residents access healthy food  through a combination of food rescue, meal delivery, and food programming. Currently, more than 180,000 Kansas Citians are food insecure, which disproportionately affects Black and brown families. As a human right, reliable access to food is necessary for individuals to live a healthy life. 

In a world where food waste is a growing concern, Food Connect is leading the charge for change. Their innovative approach to food delivery is not only helping to feed those in need, but also creating a more sustainable future.

Food Connect’s Local Goals


Kansas Citians will be reached over the next four years through a combination of food rescue, meal delivery, and food programming


pounds of food will be rescued and redistributed in Kansas City through 2028

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