Blueprint Schools Network

Launched 2013


Partnering with school districts to promote educational equity

Addressing the need for improved student achievement, Blueprint employs research-backed strategies, including excellence in leadership and instruction, increased instructional time, a culture of high expectations, data-driven instruction, and daily small group tutoring.

The cornerstone of the unique whole-school approach is the Blueprint Fellows Program, a selective service opportunity for recent college graduates to provide tutoring to students in high-need Boston public schools. Boston Fellows don’t just drop in to tutor; they fully integrate into the school, collaborating with staff, communicating with families, and doing what it takes to support students’ achievement. They provide intensive, personalized, daily academic assistance to students at-risk of falling behind, often making the difference toward accelerating a student’s academic success. 

The fellowship offers mutual benefit, allowing Fellows to grow and develop professionally alongside their students. In the long term, Blueprint Schools Network aspires to promote educational equity, close the learning gap, and improve life outcomes for students.

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