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Measuring Results: 2018-2019 Portfolio Report

Oct 30, 2019



We apply the five-step GreenLight Method to identify local unmet needs and find and replicate the best, proven solutions that effectively address those needs, with local fit, impact and sustainability top of mind. The method’s fifth step is measure, a critical part of the process to ensure portfolio organizations are achieving strong results. This step also enables us to share with stakeholders and investors the positive change we are collectively having in our communities.

We work with each portfolio organization at the outset of our engagement to define specific, relevant target metrics. Along with a multi-year financial investment, GreenLight provides ongoing, on-the-ground strategic support to portfolio organizations helping to meet defined targets. We track progress towards these goals on a regular basis, ensuring we are bringing results to each of our cities rapidly.

In October, we published GreenLight’s annual Portfolio Report to share some of those metrics with you alongside the needs we set out to address when initially selecting each solution. In the report you’ll see tremendous growth nationally in number of GreenLight communities (eight), portfolio organizations selected (27), and leveraged dollars invested ($107.6M). You’ll also learn about each of our portfolio organizations including key result measures and stories of impact from program participants.

Stories of Impact: Read more in the Portfolio Report

Building Early Literacy in Philadelphia: ParentChild+
“When me and Amari started this program, we didn’t know what to expect, but I am forever grateful that we signed up… Me putting him in this program is one of the best things I could have done for him as his mother:” — Ameesha, mother of Amari

Gaining Skills & Confidence in Detroit: Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO)
“With CEO, my focus has changed. Now, when it is time to work and come to job coaching meetings, I give it 100%, in the same way that I used to give illegal things 100%. This is probably the best thing Detroit has going right now and I hope it can continue to grow to help more people like me.” — Vandtrice Wilson, CEO participant

Improving Math Proficiency in the Bay Area: Blueprint Math Fellows
“Blueprint is improving outcomes for Bret Harte students by creating a safe space for students to learn and grow. Students are willing to take risks and make mistakes because they know they will have the support of the Fellows and their peers to turn those errors into a stronger and clear understanding of mathematics.” — April Harris-Jackson, Bret Harte Middle School Principal, Oakland, CA