Youth Guidance – Supporting Teens in Boston, Cambridge & Somerville

Jul 12, 2022


GreenLight Boston portfolio organization Youth Guidance is a dynamic youth organization supporting middle and high school students with in-school group counseling and mentoring through their BAM and WOW programs.

With the expansion to additional schools in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville this fall, Youth Guidance is searching for counselors to help our next generation grow and flourish. Visit for more information and to apply.

Youth Guidance runs two programs in the Boston area:

Becoming A Man (BAM) is a two-year, school-based program that supports young men through weekly group sessions with their peers and the guidance of a trauma-informed BAM counselor. Counselors use check-ins, stories, role-playing and group missions to help these young men learn, practice and internalize the program’s six core values: Integrity, Self-determination, Accountability, Respect for womanhood, Positive anger expression, and Visionary goal-setting. The BAM Curriculum develops social cognitive skills including: self-awareness, emotional regulation, responsible decision making and social awareness that deters criminal involvement and increases school engagement. Counselors are culturally competent, often reflecting the demographic of the students they work with, and act as positive male role models, in addition to being trained counselors.

Working On Womanhood (WOW) is an in-school, group-based counseling and clinical mentoring program that cultivates leadership, promotes mental health, and fosters the social-emotional skills of girls and young women in grades 6 to 12. To do so, WOW applies a therapy-based approach that addresses gender-specific needs by increasing self-image and self-worth for female-identifying students. WOW strengthens critical protective factors and reduces high-risk behaviors among girls by helping them to cope with negative thoughts, interrogate their automatic responses, respond reflectively in high-stakes situations, solve problems, and build self-efficacy to make positive and healthy decisions, and ultimately, be leaders in their schools and their communities.

To learn more about the open opportunities, visit