GreenLight’s Golf for Good 2021

The Day

On Monday, September 13th GreenLight partners and friends around Boston showed up at Weston Golf Club for our 14th Annual GreenLight’s Golf for Good! It was an incredible day full of fun and gathering to support this year’s portfolio organization, Working on Womanhood (WOW). WOW is a program for the girls and young women of Boston and will fulfill a need that has been present in our city for a long time. This year’s tournament was a tremendous success and will go a long way in supporting the early years of WOW as they begin to meet the needs of young women in our city. It will also help us continue our work as we strive to remain innovative and flexible to the needs of the time, working with the community to identify organizations that can tear down barriers and open opportunities in Boston!

Working on Womanhood

Working on Womanhood is an in-school, group-based counseling and clinical mentoring program that cultivates leadership, promotes mental health, and fosters the social-emotional skills of girls and young women in grades 6-12. To do so, WOW applies a therapy-based approach that addresses gender-specific needs by increasing self-image and self-worth for female-identifying students. WOW strengthens critical protective factors and reduces high-risk behaviors among girls by helping them cope with negative thoughts, interrogate their automatic responses, respond reflectively in high-stakes situations, solve problems, and build self-efficacy to make positive and healthy decisions, and ultimately, be leaders in their schools and their communities. In recognition of WOW’s efforts supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of girls and young women of color, WOW (with BAM) was awarded the 2020 Advancing Minority Health Award by the American Psychiatric Association.

In addition to the many fun activities that our golfers participated in, there were two different holes where they were able to talk to local WOW staff and get to know them and the program. They also participated in two different activities where participants were able to explore their values and ideas of trust to experience first-hand how WOW works as a program. 

The Winners

This year’s winner was the Green Team! Players on the Green Team had the great honor of being the first winners to pose with our brand new trophy – see photo above. This wasn’t the only prize to be won this year though… we also had winners of our Marshmallow Challenge! Players took turns trying to hit a marshmallow as far as they possibly could. Players took many creative approaches and our winner won an incredible watch, courtesy of Long’s Jewelers. Players also worked to win the Deloitte Closest-to-the-Pin Challenge, taking turns driving the ball as close to the pin as they could to win a Deloitte gift basket. And finally, the ever-popular Air Cannon! Players could enter for a chance to shoot a golf ball out of an Air Cannon and try to get the ball as close to the hole as they could. 

We also had several raffle prize winners, and we are incredibly grateful to all our in-kind donors that made this possible (see photo below). Thank you to all our sponsors, donors, and players that came out to support GreenLight and WOW this year, it was an amazing day and we can’t wait to see you again next year!