Our Mission

The GreenLight Fund helps transform the lives of children, youth and families in high-poverty urban areas by creating local infrastructure and a consistent annual process to:

We envision a national network of GreenLight Fund cities, working together and learning from each other to harness the vision and ambition of social entrepreneurs and accelerate the spread of proven programs that make lasting change for children, youth and families.

Our Values

In everything we do, GreenLight Fund is guided by the following core values: Collaborative, Committed to Excellence, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Focused on Sustainability, Innovation, and Rooted in Community.

Read more about GreenLight’s values.

We named Centering Racial Equity as an undergirding pillar to our strategic plan adopted in 2021. Moving forward, we are committed to intentionally and explicitly centering racial equity internally and in our program work within our communities. Read more about GreenLight’s commitment to Centering Racial Equity.

Persistent challenges demand innovative, effective responses.
That’s where GreenLight comes in.

“Unlike in the for-profit sector, where the best ideas tend to spread quickly to meet consumer demand, what we see so often in the nonprofit sector is that proven solutions to social problems fail to scale efficiently and effectively to reach those in need. GreenLight’s model gets to the heart of this problem.”

Vanessa Kirsch, Founder, New Profit, Inc.

GreenLight relies on game changers – like you.

Where others see problems, we see opportunities.
GreenLight relies on people like you, who are committed to finding better answers and opportunities for all. Join us in doing the same. Become part of the GreenLight community.