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2021 SHIFT Series Hosts Virtual Speakers

Sep 19, 2021


How do we drive significant positive change that addresses pressing social challenges in our community?

In order to effectively shift our social impact, we must shift our approaches to create change. The SHIFT Series convenes residents and leaders who are actively shifting their use of partnerships, tools, platforms, and power to achieve tangible results.

Hosted by GreenLight Fund Detroit and powered by Strategic Community Partners, the virtual event series approaches timely and relevant issues through a racial equity lens and demonstrates the powerful impact of a collaborative, community-minded process.

Each session features a panel of residents and leaders in our Greenight Fund Detroit network who are actively shifting their use of partnerships, tools, platforms, and power to dramatically shift their social impact – a significant positive change that addresses pressing social challenges. Audience members also have the opportunity to engage in the discussion through in-event polling and interactive question and answer sessions.

All sessions are free and open to all community members.


Tools for Dramatic Change: 
Using Data, Policy, and Voice to Fight Child Poverty 

Designing and implementing significant change for children facing poverty requires thorough and interconnected considerations of data, policy, and people’s voices. National legislation is being enacted to slash child poverty by almost half, city government has set priorities on intergenerational poverty, and local programs are pushing back against economic and racial inequity. Join our panelists to discuss how they’ve used multiple tools to influence federal, city, and neighborhood shifts that affect our most vulnerable populations.

Leading the Class:
Uplifting Our Teaching Profession With and For Teachers

Teachers have the single greatest impact on our children while in school and multiple factors contribute to their success. As a profession with a significant retirement wave on the horizon, how are we shifting our approaches to critical issues such as job satisfaction, recruitment, career ladders, resourcing, professional progress, and equitable results? Join our discussion with educators, administrators, and system leaders who are using multiple tools and voices to elevate and strengthen the teaching profession on behalf of our students.

Building Change that Lasts:
A Conversation with Black Women Scaling Social Impact

Black women are at the forefront of innovation and social change across the nation and especially in Detroit. They are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, with even more playing a critical role in responding to the broader needs of the community. As Black women continue to drive critical missions forward, intersecting racial and gender inequities create a unique set of challenges to sustain their organizations and scale their social impact over time.

Join us for a candid conversation with four leading Black women as we explore the tools, strategies, and mindsets that are helping them build lasting change and shift outcomes in their communities.

December 2021 Update: If you missed any of the panel discussions or would like to rewatch a session, access the full recordings at