By: Kate Schwass

This was originally published on LinkedIn.

The world is feeling the impacts of COVID-19 and the precautions we need to take to delay the spread of this virus. In the nonprofit sector, the consequences of this crisis are multi-dimensional. Many organizations rely on direct contact with families and students to provide their services – that contact is now interrupted. Organizations have been forced to cancel events that were going to provide critical revenue. They are at risk of not hitting their fundraising targets. And we all don’t know when this crisis will end, making contingency planning nearly impossible.

In our work at GreenLight Fund Bay Area, we spent much of the last week in conversation with the nonprofits we support. We asked what they wished they could say to the philanthropic community and we pledged to share what we heard. Here’s what they said:

To foundations:

To individual donors/corporate philanthropy:

In this time of uncertainty and fear, now is the time to boldly and innovatively support the nonprofit organizations we all care so deeply about.