The irony of Stefanny Sun’s current role – as a school-based adviser with the College Advising Corps (CAC) in Boston – is not lost on Stefanny herself. After all, not many years ago, she was a senior at the same school and college was not really part of her plan. Or at least, part of the plan anyone else seemed to have in mind for her.

Stefanny had been a solid student at her public high school in Boston and a contributor to the school community, too. She thought that given her track record, a four year college was within reach. Maybe UMass. Or a small, local four year college if she could get a good financial aid package. Stefanny knew that wherever she went, she would have to stick close to home. Money was a factor. She had nieces and nephews she would have to help look after. And she was the primary caregiver for her mother, a single mother of four who was beset by a range of health issues.

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