Diajah Ruffin

Coordinator, GreenLight Detroit



Diajah Ruffin is a community leader, focused on the advancement of underserved communities through social justice and economic development. She was born in the great city of Detroit where her love of service began. While attending Western Michigan University, she performed as an athlete and excelled as a scholar. Additionally, as an entrepreneur, Diajah started her own bakery business, which earned her some tasteful transactions! Several years after graduating and exploring her enterprise, she began to rise as a prominent young leader in the State of Michigan.

Diajah started in government by supporting campaigns for candidates who aligned with her vision. She has worked in both the Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate as a Legislative Aide and Community Liaison. After a few thrilling years in the legislature, she grew a love for the nonprofit sector. Her leadership roles within nonprofits strengthened her resolve that there is tangible and necessary power in community organizing, whether through advocacy or charity.

As an adept national organizer, Diajah is very passionate about serving and empowering others through effective planning, policy, and organizing.