Bri Ross

Program Associate, GreenLight Greater Newark

Greater Newark

Sabrina “Bri” Ross is a dynamic human and professional with a background in service delivery, neighborhood planning, project planning, and collaborations. Ross is passionate about informing and empowering residents through neighborhood planning, envisioning community economic development strategies and building strong communities.

Before joining GreenLight Fund in 2022, Bri was Community Outreach Manager for Unified Vailsburg Services Organization where her experience in community development, urban planning, and sustainability led to successfully enlisting diverse groups of community members in projects like Farm to Table Community Meal: a food justice and security concept engaging neighbors in fresh, affordable food conversations and policies building. In that role, Bri facilitated Neighborhood Beautification projects and worked with many partners to cultivate healthy communities. These include projects like #GetMAD: Solid Waste and Illegal Dumping Campaign to combat urban cities’ litter issues and utilize creative placemaking strategies to activate green spaces.

Bri continues to collaborate with upcoming local initiatives, facilitates policy discussions on community concerns, seeks funding opportunities, and develops community engagement strategies. Ross has built solid relationships and worked closely with community leaders and members to create and support projects to improve quality of life challenges.

Bri has a BA degree in social behavior science and a Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management. If you don’t know Ms. Ross, you will because she just may be knocking on your door to invite you to attend a block club meeting, join the fun at Healthy Havens Gardens, or engage you in initiatives to clean and beautify the community.