Single Stop USA

Single Stop harnesses some of Americas most effective anti-poverty tools to create economic mobility for low-income families and individuals. Providing coordinated access to the safety net, connecting people in need to the resources they require to attain higher education, obtain good jobs, and achieve financial self-sufficiency – it’s all part of the Single Stop method to reduce poverty in America.

Single Stop’s concept is simple, and the impact is profound. Over 1 million households across 9 states have been connected to $3.2 billion in critical resources. Single Stop estimates the return on their investment is 20:1. 

Single Stop introduced its program to Bunker Hill Community College in Boston in 2011. The need was clear: 37% of Boston public school graduates were heading to community college but within six years, just over one third of them would graduate. The non-academic pressures were simply too great, the barriers too real.

Since that time, Single Stop has expanded its work in Boston to Roxbury Community College. At both community colleges, Single Stop has offered students a wide array of services including benefits screening, free tax preparation, financial counseling, mobile food pantry, health insurance assistance and a matched savings plan. Ask community college students who have tapped into the program and they are likely to tell you that Single Stop is just that: a consistently reliable one-stop source for invaluable information and resources. It is one stop they find worth making.

2021-2022 Metrics

There is no happier feeling, no stronger emotion, than on the day of commencement, as Single Stop becomes an integral part of Bunker Hill Community College, I can visualize hundreds more students, crossing that stage, shaking my hand, and getting their diploma.

- Mary L. Fifield, Former President, Bunker Hill Community College

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