ParentChild+, formerly Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP), envisions every child entering school ready to succeed because every parent has the knowledge and resources to build school readiness where it starts: the home.

ParentChild+ is an evidence-based early literacy, parental engagement and school readiness model committed to closing the achievement gap by providing families with the knowledge, skills and materials they need to prepare their children for success in pre-kindergarten and beyond.

ParentChild+ brings Early Literacy Specialists into the homes of families with children aged 2-4 who do not have access to quality early childhood programming, helping parents build language-rich home environments that enhance children’s literacy, cognitive and social emotional skills, while supporting the transition to pre-k. In 50 years of evaluation, ParentChild+ has documented important longitudinal impacts for program participants: graduates enter school as well or better prepared than their classmates, perform significantly better than their socioeconomic peers and as well as or better than the overall population on school readiness measures in kindergarten and first grade, and are reading and doing math on grade level in third grade. They are 50% less likely to be referred to special education services by the third grade; and they graduate from high school at the rate of middle class children nationally – a 30% higher rate than their socio-economic peers. For more research on ParentChild+ please click here.

GreenLight has worked with ParentChild+ to build exciting local partnerships with the Philadelphia Housing Authority and Public Health Management Corporation. With these strong partnerships in place, ParentChild+ plans to launch two Philadelphia sites in fall 2016. In its first year, ParentChild+ will serve approximately 100 families – 50 in the Sharswood/Blumberg Choice Neighborhood Planning Area and 50 immigrant, refugee and/or English language learning families in Southwest Philadelphia.

2021-2022 Philadelphia Metrics

“The [PCHP] staff became my family and my support system, and I truly could not imagine raising my daughter without the support and encouragement they’ve provided and continue to provide.”

- PCHP Parent

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