All Our Kin

As a result of the pandemic, more than 200 child care programs in the region closed. In addition, family child care educators, many of whom are women of color, have long been underpaid, under-recognized and are running small businesses with little support.

Family child care provides a high-quality early childhood education in an intimate environment, and is flexible, affordable, and often available during non-traditional hours. Often seen as an extension of the family, these educators provide neighborhood-based care that is culturally and linguistically responsive.

All Our Kin (AOK), GreenLight Kansas City’s third portfolio organization, provides resources and training to family child care educators who operate small, home-based programs. With that support, educators succeed as business owners, working parents find quality, stable care for their children, and children are prepared for school and life.

AOK has a 20+ year track record of supporting family child care educators with clear impact:

  • Educators score an average of 50 percent higher on research-based measures of quality.
  • Children, in turn, outperform their peers on language and literacy, math, and social-emotional assessments.
  • The majority of educators working with All Our Kin see their earnings increase by 25 percent or more in the first year.

AOK is collaborating with Kansas City’s The Family Conservancy (TFC) to develop a staffed family child care network to support home-based educators in greater Kansas City. Building on existing work and relationships with family child care educators in the community, the network housed by TFC will provide educational mentorship, professional and business development, advocacy and leadership opportunities, and community with other family child care providers.


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