More than ever, our communities are looking for hope, for solutions that improve residents’ lives, for light that illuminates our country’s basic values of fairness and opportunity. That’s why we’re doubling down on our efforts to bring proven impact and innovation to address the gaps low-income children and families are facing at the community level. Whether deepening our work in our existing sites, investing in scale at the national level, or expanding our work to new cities, we are guided by our commitment to entrepreneurship, results, and transformation.

Here are just 17 things we’re most excited about in 2017:

​1) The announcement of our new executive director for GreenLight Detroit in early March and the kick off of GreenLight Detroit’s first selection cycle.

2) Continuing to build promising momentum in Charlotte as our potential 6th GreenLight community

3) Conversations with leaders in Kansas City, Baltimore and others as we explore further expansion in 2017 and beyond.

4) A festive and reflective 5th anniversary celebration of GreenLight Bay Area.

5) Expanding our national team with talented young professionals in associate roles for external relations and operations.

6) Engaging over 150 community leaders across our five Selection Advisory Councils in important conversations about needs in their communities, selection of proven solutions to support and portfolio management throughout the year

7) Interviews with an incredible pool of candidates for the Bay Area Executive Director – we’re confident we’ll find someone talented enough to elevate the Bay Area’s next five years of work.

8) Our annual gathering of our 19 portfolio organizations in Boston on March 14-15.

9) Engaging our core investors – and new ones – for our second fund in the Bay Area and third fund in Philadelphia.

10) Engaging thousands of leaders and dozens of sponsors in our annual launch events – this year, we’ll host six events across four sites.

11) Reaching an expected 100,000 low-income children and families through life-changing social innovations across our GreenLight communities.

12) Four selection cycles that will bring our national portfolio to a total of 23 high-impact, innovative organizations.

13) Building our diligence hub to include deep analysis of over 75 organizations from communities across the country who are making a difference on stubborn social challenges facing low-income children and families.

14) Even more financial leverage than ever before – the $12 million we invested as of the end of 2015 has leveraged more than $50 million in follow-on funding for effective social innovations in our portfolio.

15) Amplifying our lessons at events hosted by field leaders like the Center for Effective Philanthropy, Independent Sector, and others.

16) The 14 GreenLight employees across the country who make it all happen on a daily basis – and the semi-annual staff meetings where we can spend time together as a team.

17) Finding lots of ways to acknowledge and thank all of YOU for being a part of our exciting momentum in 2017 and in the years to come

Throughout the year, we look forward to keeping you up to date on the things that light us up – and that light up the communities in which we work and the individuals and families our portfolio organizations serve.